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Chariots of Fire (1981 film) by Hugh Hudson is partly set at Cambridge between 1919 and 1924, when protagonist Harold Abrahams (played by Ben Cross ) was a student there.Students sit down for a meal in their gowns, while Fellows eat separately at High Table: the beginning and end of the function is usually marked with a grace.Over the course of its history, a sizeable number of Cambridge University academics and alumni have become notable in their fields, both academic and in the wider world.Former undergraduates of the university have won a grand total of 61 Nobel prizes, 13 more than the undergraduates of any other university.Cambridge academics have also won 8 Fields Medals and 2 Abel Prizes, since the Abel award was first distributed in 2003.I have been working at Cambridge University Press full-time (More than 3 years).

Examination in mathematics was once compulsory for all undergraduates studying for the Bachelor of Arts degree, the main first degree at Cambridge in both arts and sciences.The bridge over the River Cam at Clare College during its 2005 May Ball.Research is focused on areas of relevance to human disease, with the aim being to understand the mechanisms of disease and to deliver novel therapeutic approaches to the clinic.Maurice (1971 novel) by E. M. Forster is about the homosexual relationship of two Cambridge undergraduates.It elects the Chancellor and the High Steward, and elected two members of the House of Commons until the Cambridge University constituency was abolished in 1950.Light show on the Senate House, for the 800th anniversary of the foundation of the university.

Cambridge definition, a city in Cambridgeshire, in E England: famous university founded in 12th century. See more.Popular courses include Medical Science, Business, Law, Psychology, and Engineering, among many others.Cambridge has been highly ranked by most international and UK league tables.

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Colleges are not required to admit students in all subjects, with some colleges choosing not to offer subjects such as architecture, history of art or theology, but most offer close to the complete range.

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The Senate consists of all holders of the MA degree or higher degrees.The entrance to the administrative centre of the university, the Old Schools.Novelist Amy Levy was the first Jewish woman to attend the university.Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford.We would love to share a brochure detailing all our 2017 programs with you.

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It furthers the University's objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by...The History of the University of Cambridge and Education in England.In addition to university-wide representation, students can benefit from their own college student unions, which are known as JCR ( Junior Combination Room ) for undergraduates and MCR ( Middle Combination Room ) for postgraduates.The radio broadcast has been a national Christmas tradition since it was first transmitted in 1928 (though the festival has existed since 1918).

This is in order to maintain consistency throughout the colleges, some of which receive more applicants than others.It was over one metre in length and had an oar blade for a handle.These are all-night long lavish parties held in the colleges where food and drinks are served and entertainment is provided.

French and Spanish language courses for all levels, taught in context by native.Oxbridge Blues (1984 TV Drama) by Frederic Raphael features Cambridge University.Results for the Cambridge Mathematical Tripos are read out inside Senate House and then tossed from the balcony.Together with colleagues from Anglia Ruskin University, students run a radio station, Cam FM, which provides members with an opportunity to produce and host weekly radio shows and promotes broadcast journalism, sports coverage, comedy and drama.By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.One second every day from the second term of my second year studying Geography at Cambridge.The eminent Latinist A. E. Housman taught at Cambridge but is more widely known as a poet.The searchable catalog lists over 8,000 courses offered at Harvard University from over 100 departments and includes course descriptions, faculty, meeting.John Chadwick was associated with Michael Ventris in the decipherment of Linear B.