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A balance bar routine includes a variety of acrobatic and dance skills that last for 70 to 90 seconds and ends with a dismount.The order for men: floor exercise, pommel horse, still rings, vault, parallel bars and horizontal bar.A backwards somersault in the air performed in either the tuck, pike or layout position.One leg remains planted on the floor or balance beam while the other leg is elevated up to the ceiling.A term used to describe a rapid bounce or rebound off the floor or vault with the arms.These routines have elements and skills that gymnasts in a certain level of gymnastics should be able to perform and are determined by a governing body such as USA Gymnastics or International Federation of Gymnastics (FIG).A tumbling element where the body does a somersault in the air without the hands touching the ground.

The routines done by men and women on the different apparatuses.A skill performed on either the high bar, uneven parallel bar or parallel bar where the body circles around the bar.FREE online gymnastics coaching handbook that develops basic recreational gymnastics skills.Check out the current listings or post your ad on Terms 5 pages Many terms are used in gymnastics that can b e confusing to those not involved in the sport,.A long and narrow apparatus used by women in a routine designed to emphasize grace and balance.

With national title on the line, Olympian Laura Zeng shows the toughness of a champion.A forward circle around the bars starting and ending in a handstand position.A routine consisting of a variety of dance and acrobatic maneuvers and is performed on a 40 foot square spring floor.On the high bar, an execution that involves a front giant arm-swing into a front one-and-one half somersault over the bar, before re-grabbing the bar at the end.It is used for almost every apparatus except the pommel horse.

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An arm swing on the bars in which the body and the arms are fully extended and move in a full circle around the bar.An example would be performing a vault and never touching the vaulting table.When the body moves in a circle around the bar without the hips touching.Two somersaults and two twists with one twist performed on the first somersault and one twist performed on the second somersault.

When the body is bent forward at the hips with the legs straight.A combination of two or more skills performed one after the other.Alley: Also called "gap"; the outfield area between the outfielders.

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From kids enjoying rolls and cartwheels to Olympians demonstrating impossible skill, gymnasts.

Tumbling definition,. a mass display of gymnastics and dancing and tumbling. British Dictionary definitions for tumbling Expand.Learn 17 common gym lingo terms, and how to understand workout instructions and conversations at the gym.Home Gymnasts Coaches Teams Gyms Videos Guides Answers More Jobs Schools All Features.Many terms are used in gymnastics that can be confusing to those not involved in the sport, or who have only been involved in the sport.A release can performed on the uneven parallel bars, high bar or parallel bars.A ballet term used to describe the body rising onto the balls of the feet.A ballet movement where the legs make a small bend at the knee while the feet remain flat on the ground.Two back somersaults completed consecutively in the same skill movement.

A shoulder stand with the legs in the air, feet pointed towards the ceiling and the body rested on the top of the shoulders.A compulsory gymnastic element used on the floor and balance beam.

The person with the highest total score from all the events is the all-around champion.Arabesque - Balance on one leg with the other leg raised backwards to near horizontal.Define gymnastic: of or relating to gymnastics: athletic — gymnastic in a sentence.

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The entry onto apparatuses like the balance beam, parallel bars, uneven parallel bars, horizontal bars and pommel horse.