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In contrast to Web 1.0 (roughly the first decade of the World Wide Web) where static content was downloaded into the browser and read, Web 2.0 uses the Internet as the platform.SEO can also refer to individuals and companies that offer to provide search engine optimization for websites.Synonyms for reporter at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions.It is a type of cloud computing. is the best example, but other notables include Mailchimp and even Amazon Web Services.XML, it is not a markup language that requires open and close tags.

Gotcha journalism Hidden camera, catch-people-in-the-act journalism.

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Photojournalism is a particular form of journalism (the collecting, editing, and presenting of news material for publication or broadcast) that employs images in.Taxonomies and ontologies are important in content to help related articles or topics pages. (Also see taxonomy).It allows people to upload files and others to download in various formats.

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Using HTML5 will allow web pages to work more like desktop applications.

The service is often used in conjunction with other Amazon Web Services, such as EC2, to allow customers to process large amounts of data with low capital investment.

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For example, some web-based Twitter clients will use OAuth to connect to your account, instead of requiring you to provide your password directly to that third-party site.

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Agate: Small type (usually 5.5 point) used for sports statistics,.The power of Ruby on Rails, which was developed by the Chicago-based firm 37 Signals, comes from how quickly it can be used to create a basic website.

Designed to be a very readable language, it is named after Monty Python.Users can host their applications on EC2 and pay depending on usage.JOURNALISTIC TERMS AND DEFINITIONS: absolute privilege The right of legislators, judges and government executives to speak without threat of libel when acting in.

Drupal provides options to create a static website, a multi-user blog, an Internet forum or a community website for user-generated content.It is criticized as being slow because it generates web pages on request.

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It may involve trade-offs such as sacrificing some performance for ease of programming.Ombudsman An editor at a newspaper who deals with public complaints, etc., and generally writes a regular column explaining current controversial issues that have popped up.This is what is seen when papers are sold in vending machines, so material above the fold is considered important for sparking interest.

Any direct reproduction of text should be kept to an absolute minimum, appear in quotes, and be clearly attributed to its source.While the first generation of content management systems were custom and proprietary, in recent years there has been a surge in free open-source systems such as Drupal, WordPress and Joomla.Old-fashioned journalism icons such as fedoras, crank telephones, and a newspaper adorn this printable journalist border.Career of A Journalist A Day in the Life of a Journalist There are many types of journalists, from the local beat newspaper reporter to the foreign correspondent.

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It is gaining in popularity compared to proprietary standards, like Adobe Flash, because it is an open standard and does not require third-party plugins.PHP, which is designed to make the language dramatically more efficient.HTML, so that the presentation is separate from the actual content of the document itself.The same document-oriented database might let you store the information for an article (headline, byline, data, content, miscellaneous) or for a photo (file, photographer, date, cutline).

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SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) is a familiar slug for an article about a Supreme Court decision.The most popular operating systems today for desktop computers are the various versions of Microsoft Windows, Mac.The Baltimore Sun continues to produce a bulldog edition of the Sunday paper that appears Saturday morning.It is popular because it is a free and flexible alternative to expensive systems like Oracle.The speech was reviewed by 3 teachers who discouraged the speech, but did not say that it was in violation of the student handbook.Popularized by web site Twitter, which limits users to 140-character updates.

In an article in the Egyptian daily Al-Ahram on the economic situation in the Gaza Strip, journalist Ashraf Abu Al-Houl.Other terms include participatory journalism and networked journalism though it should not be confused with civic journalism, which is practiced by professional journalists.They took the case to the Supreme Court, and the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Bethel School District.

Standard for text in almost all publications (as opposed to ragged right).Apps generally are built using software toolkits provided by the underlying service, whether it is iPhone or Facebook.

Allows exciting things to happen when you move your mouse over words.Apps for webOS are developed using web standards ( HTML, Javascript and.

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Often, the ombudsman is hired from outside the paper and given a contract for a specific period of time, in order to guarantee objectivity and the freedom to be critical of paper policy, etc., without fear of being fired or demoted.Document-oriented databases retrieve information more quickly, but store it less efficiently.Despite a relatively modest user base at the beginning, Foursquare quickly attracted a lot of attention for its potential for marketing and customer brand loyalty.CSS, which was first introduced by the World Wide Web Consortium in the late 1990s, helped eliminate the clumsy and often repetitive markup in the original.Unlike legacy media, where the audience is usually on the receiving end of content creation, social media generally allows three stages of interaction with content: 1) producing, 2) consuming and 3) sharing.

Explores journalism ethics and other issues that face the profession.Media All people and organizations who are involved in journalism.

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A journalist is a person who collects, writes, or distributes news or other current information to the public.In many cases it is used to refer to the transparency of government releasing data to journalists and to the public.Wire service i.e. The Associated Press (AP) Marie and Gathie Barnett Two school girls refused to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.