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Health care professionals, who do not practice proper infection control, allow themselves to become.

Infection control principles and practices for local public health agencies.The research will have an impact as it will make recommendations on whether to upgrade the existing guidelines concerned with infection control in surgical units.

This information will also be used to form the questionnaire.This list will consist of multiple infection control strategies, such as proper personal protective equipment of all personnel in the operating room.Additionally, it could be argued that a lack of knowledge regarding prevention and control measures may be potentially more detrimental to patients, rather than limited knowledge of antibiotics, especially when not all personnel is engaged with prescribing.SPSS was used for the data analysis and correct answers were confirmed from the local guidelines and literature.

Inferential and descriptive statistics will be used to interpret the data collected.

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Staff nurse play a key role in preventing MRSA, yet there is a lack of research on how education can enhance knowledge regarding MRSA its prevention, control and treatment.In addition, in order to gain an appropriate sample size, face-to-face interviews were also carried out with personnel from surgical and medical wards over a three-month period using the same questionnaire.Research is so important for this project because it provides credulity of the project.

There are no limitations in the study including the use of a convenience sample, it suggested that the utilisation of the same questionnaire for both professional groups, who have had quite different educational preparations may have influenced the results.Data from these nurses will be collected using the initial versions of the questionnaires.Averages and percentages will be used as means of the descriptive statistics.The first and second sources of infection are most common and very important we need to know.The term papers should be used with proper reference and are not meant to replace actual assignments.

The pre and post operative data will be collected using a structured questionnaire developed by the researcher.

According to the Community and Hospital Infection Control Association (2009), infection prevention and control must be made up of evidence-based knowledge.

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Sampling is necessary, as it is economically more efficient to work with a small group of participants.

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Moreover, the individual identities of the participants will not be connected to the information they provide and will not be publicly divulged.These said service users or individuals would make it far easier for pathogens to enter the body than it would of a healthy individual.Certification Board of Infection Control and Epidemiology, Inc.The trust provides mandatory training to inform nursing staff on the most recent infection control measures in practice.

In the assessment phase questionnaire will be administered to collect baseline data and the knowledge of the nurse regarding infection control.

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Section I: this section will contain the demographic data and the biographical profile of the respondents such as gender, experience of the registered nurse and the highest qualification of the nurse.This study proposes to measure the knowledge of the registered nurses, who work in surgical units in Saudi Arabia regarding the prevention, control, and treatment of MRSA.The research design was formulated in consultation with the user.Infection Control in the Workplace Essay.Infection Control in the Workplace Every health care worker plays a vital part in.Conversely Van Gemert-Pijnen et al. (2005), illustrated that protocols while having a crucial role in the prevention of MSRA are not easily utilised by different professional groups.Given below is a list of questions which are compiled by a researcher to obtain the information on a certain topic.An experimental design will be utilised using a pre and post text questionnaire.

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Reliability of an instrument is evaluated with regard to consistency, stability, and repeatability of the results.Similarly, May (2000) recommends the adoption of standard infection control precautions.There are laws and legal regulations about infection prevention and control.