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Will is always using his skills to help people make their lives better.Fishing for Readers: Identifying and Writing Effective. transparency of the Hook Hunt worksheet,. for writing good hooks and write three different hooks.It can be an interesting quote, a little-known fact, famous last words, or a statistic.Persuasive Essay Topics How to Write Persuasive Essays Narrative Essay Topics.No Dead Fish: Teaching Students to Write Effective Introductions.Prewriting: Clustering Melanie Dawson Joe Essid (printable version here).Statistic: According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, teens and young adults experience the highest rates of violent crime.

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If a student can write an intelligent, well-organized paragraph,.

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We review the three parts of an introduction (hook, bridge, thesis) and the list of hook strategies on the back of the sheet.A 2-page worksheet with a prompt to write an expository essay about your favorite part of school.

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A 5 paragraph essay outline worksheet is one of the great tools used in writing.

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At the beginning of the book, Massie is very mean and judges people by their clothes and looks.

Have students preview and think about the different questions.I tried the activity and it was really fun and at the same time useful and beneficial to the students to pump them up in writing their Introduction.

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Beginning writers often need considerable practice to smoothly transition from one idea to the next.TED Blog The TED Blog shares interesting news about TED, TED Talks video, the TED Prize and more.Teaching Students to Write Effective. that reminds students to begin broadly with a HOOK, narrow the focus of the essay.I do this trick a couple times with a new noun and thesis each time to show that, with practice, anyone can get pretty good at connecting two random topics.

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Justin Bieber is a criminal who sings like a walrus with a throat ache.

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After a quick conversation about the purpose of introductory paragraphs, I ask my students if they would like to see a magic trick.Then play around with the first paragraph to determine which of your choices makes the most interesting beginning to your essay.

She lives in a big mansion and has a maid and a private driver.The hook for your essay often appears in the very first sentence.

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We discuss these sample introductions, identifying the components and hook strategies.

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Students then find a partner and each student pulls a random NOUN and a random THESIS.

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After they have practiced in pairs, I ask a few students to share their sample introductions with the class.Stories from a middle school English teacher turned high school English teacher.You are a clever little monkey and have figured out that the introductory paragraph to this post follows the same format. Well done.).

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Post Categories Assessment Building Class Community Classroom Examples Classroom Management Design Thinking English Feedback Grammar Resources How To Life Lessons Pedagogy Presentations Reading Social Justice Teaching with technology Uncategorized Writing YouTube Flickr Photos.Writing hooks for essays examples a hamburger paragraph. Writing Worksheets.Will makes up this act while on an undercover mission to inquire about an evil Sorcerer.

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The hook for your essay could be any interesting sentence that captures attention and keeps the reader reading.Essay Writing Worksheets and Printables. With this worksheet,.In our dreams we only see faces that we have already seen in our lives before.I try, then, to give my students more chances to work out this middle part.

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He has a funny act with a dog that reacts when certain words are said.A good hook for a persuasive essay. a good hook ideas for persuasive essay hook how to write a. sentences for a good hook writing planning worksheet.